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In this category we offer our extensive and careful selection of necklaces and chokers of the best European jewelry brands. Here you can find silver necklaces and chokers, necklaces and chokers gold necklaces and pearl chokers, necklaces and chokers long and short. All kinds of designs of necklaces and chokers you can imagine, to feel unique.

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Necklace Lyra 6-12 mm

Short different size pearls (from6 to 12 mm) necklace, which creates an interesting sense of perspective. Silver plated details. The length of this...

€245.00 VAT included

Collar Amazona

¿Te gustan los cambios? Refresca tu estilo cada día con este extraordinario collar de piel con perlas.El diseño de este collar con perlas permite...

€99.00 VAT included
Girl with the Majorica leather choker/bracelet with a white pearls Majorica leather choker/bracelet with a white pearls
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Choker Starlight

A jewel of unique and universal design. We present you this magnificent necklace-bracelet with Majorica pearls. Yes, yes, you can wear this jewel...

€106.25 €125.00 VAT included

Necklace Ariel

Double, short necklace (45 cm), manufactured with pearls majorica of 8 mm diameter. Handcrafted finish. Thanks to its sophisticated and romantic...

€330.00 VAT included

Necklace Esfera

Short necklace created from the combination of two noble materials: pearls and silver. The white color of pearls, with its characteristic...

€395.00 VAT included

Choker Cerdeña

Modern black leather choker with a white pearl elegant baroque type of 22mm diameter. The length is 45 cm. City Chic collection of brand Majorica....

€145.00 VAT included

Choker Formentera

This Majorica choker is a jewel full of free spirit, just like you. Made of leather with the impressive Majorica pearl and with silver details,...

€150.00 VAT included

Choker Scherzo

The sophisticated shape of this silver Majorica pearl necklace, adorned with zircons, will propel you to the pinnacle of elegance. Worthy of being...

€190.00 VAT included

Collar Carina

Este magnífico collar de Majorica dejará sin aliento a todos a tu alrededor. Una joya con perlas perfecta para un día tan especial como una boda,...

€395.00 VAT included

Collar Carina 2

Un collar de Majorica que te hechizará con su gran belleza. Fabricado con perlas Majorica creadas cuidadosamente a mano por los mejores joyeros...

€699.00 VAT included

Necklace largo Eternal

90 cm long necklace composed of 8 mm white pearls majorica. Details gold-plated silver. This Majorica necklace has a very appropriate name, because...

€300.00 VAT included

Necklace Optimism

Artisanal necklace "Optimism"  To remind us of the importance of going through life with a smile, Victoria Rodríguez Rivero, the founder of...

€78.00 VAT included

Collar Classic

Un impresionante collar de Majorica creado con perlas de color único. ¡Edición limitada! Sabemos que eres una mujer especial, única e...

€369.00 VAT included

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