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In this category we offer you a wide and careful selection of rings with pearls from the Majorica brand. Here you can find thin and thick, classic and contemporary silver rings. All types of ring designs you can imagine for any occasion. Find yours!

In the search for the perfect ring, choosing a pearl can be an elegant and sophisticated option. The Majorica brand has stood out for its high quality pieces and classic style, being recognized throughout the world for its pearls grown in Mallorca, Spain.

Each Majorica ring is carefully designed and crafted from high-quality materials, including sterling silver, to ensure durability and style.

Among the options available, you can find Majorica solitaire pearl rings, as well as more complex and elaborate designs.

Whether you are looking for a ring to complement your everyday style or to wear on a special occasion, we are sure that you will find what you are looking for in our selection of Majorica rings. Browse our collection and find the perfect ring for yourself or someone special.

Majorica Rings

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Ring Sofia

Sophisticated silver ring decorated with translucent zirconia and a white pearl 12 mm diameter. Handcrafted finish. A ring that seems to have been...

€99.00 VAT included

Ring Lilit

Rhodium silver ring with pearl white 10 mm and translucent zirconia by brand Majorica. A ring that impress you with its tenderness and purity while...

€105.00 VAT included

Ring Margot

Rhodium silver ring decorated with a white pearl flattened diameter of 10 mm. Handcrafted finish. Design that radiates tenderness and femininity....

€95.00 VAT included

Ring Exquisite 3

A different version of the Majorica ring Exquisite. This ring made of silver and decorated with a 8 mm pealr and a translucent zirconia fascinated...

€119.00 VAT included

Ring Clave al Sol

Opened type Majorica ring decorated with a pearl elegant 10 mm diameter. Finish made by traditional techniques. Sophisticated and timeless design,...

€70.00 VAT included

Ring Exquisite 5

Another version of the "Exquisite" Majorica silver ring, is time still thinner. The ring is made of silver and rhodium decorated with translucent...

€119.00 VAT included

Ring Exquisite 4

The fourth, but no less glamorous version of the "Exquisite" Majorica silver ring. This time the designers have decided to cross two silver strips,...

€119.00 VAT included

Ring Planet

Wide silver ring, adorned with pearl white 12 mm diameter and craftsmanship. A modern design and original style. You can wear this Majorica ring...

€119.00 VAT included

Ring Cercle

Wide spiral silver ring, adorned with white pearls and translucent zirconia. The pearls are of different diameters, of 4 to 6 mm. This Majorica...

€135.00 VAT included

Ring Córcega

Large rhodium silver ring, with white pearl 12 mm oval type bombada. Handcrafted finish. original design and very contemporary, inspired by the...

€119.00 VAT included

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