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Ring Planet

Wide silver ring, adorned with pearl white 12 mm diameter and craftsmanship. A modern design and original style. You can wear this Majorica ring...

€100.00 VAT included

Ring Ágora

Wide Majorica silver ring, adorned with a white pearl 16 mm in diameter and translucent zircons, creating a magnificent play of light in the sun....

€205.00 VAT included

Ring Cercle

Wide spiral silver ring, adorned with white pearls and translucent zirconia. The pearls are of different diameters, of 4 to 6 mm. This Majorica...

€120.00 VAT included

Earrings Jour

Small and elegant earrings rhodium-plated silver and gray with white pearls 8 and 10 mm. Handcrefted design and finish by Majorica brand. A jewel...

€72.00 VAT included

Necklace Estela

Short Majorica pearl necklace multicolor: white, gray and nuage. The pearls are of different sizes 8 to 12 mm. The length of this pearl necklace is...

€225.00 VAT included

Ring Mar

This silver ring with Majorica pearl is a perfect jewel for a woman with a personal style. The modern and at the same time elegant design of this...

€99.00 VAT included

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