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In this category we offer a wide and careful selection of sophisticated pending the Bohemme brand. Models with the latest fashion trends to create your most memorable looks. Elegant earrings that will surely make you feel very special. Find your perfect earrings for any occasion!

Silver earrings. Bohemme - Art Jewel

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Earrings X silver

Silver earrings made especilly for girls with a real divine taste. The dark finish of the base of these Bohemme earrings enhances the brilliance...

€195.00 VAT included

Earrings X silver 2

Another a finer version of the silver earrings from Bohemme's X collection made for real lovers of elegant jewelery. Handcrafted by the best...

€177.00 VAT included

Earrings X gold

The simple shape of these silver earrings combines perfectly with the sophisticated logo of the Bohemme brand, creating a jewel full of style and...

€159.00 VAT included

Earrings Choco Cool

Small and elegant silver earrings with yellow 18K gold plated details. With beautiful brown and champagne zircons warm colors. A unique and...

€239.00 VAT included

Earrings X gold 2

The original and fresh design of these earrings combined with the sophisticated logo of the Bohemme brand make this piece a more than contemporary...

€174.00 VAT included

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