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Earrings Esat

Rhodium silver earrings round white pearls 8 mm in diameter. The closure is type skewer. Handcrafted design by Majorica brand. This Majorica pearl...

€59.00 VAT included

Earrings Delta

Tender earrings gold-plated silver with a tie and white round pearls 8 mm. Handcrafted design by Majorica brand. Some juveniles Majorica pearl...

€65.00 VAT included

Earrings Merak

Treated silver earrings with pearls white gold with round 10 mm. His silver curious knot gives a very contemporary style. Handcrafted design and...

€109.00 VAT included

Earrings Ada

Silver rhodium earrings with white pearls 10 mm in diameter. A perfect gem to bring both the office and for a special event. Handcrafted design and...

€85.00 VAT included

Ring Margot

Rhodium silver ring decorated with a white pearl flattened diameter of 10 mm. Handcrafted finish. Design that radiates tenderness and femininity....

€95.00 VAT included

Ring Clave al Sol

Opened type Majorica ring decorated with a pearl elegant 10 mm diameter. Finish made by traditional techniques. Sophisticated and timeless design,...

€70.00 VAT included

Pendant Nuada

Sterling silver pendant with white10 mm pearl. The chain of this Majorica pedant has a 48 cm. Handcrafted design by Majorica brand.  Made in Spain...

€79.00 VAT included

Pendant Espiral

Silver pendant with oval type 18 mm pearl  Silver is treated with rhodium for durability. This pearl pendant has an adjustable chain 42-47 cm....

€139.00 VAT included

Necklace Lyra 6 mm

This small, elegant Majorica pearl necklace is one of the essential jewels in any woman's wardrobe. A short necklace combines perfectly with any...

€145.00 VAT included

Necklace Lyra 6-12 mm

Short different size pearls (from6 to 12 mm) necklace, which creates an interesting sense of perspective. Silver plated details. The length of this...

€265.00 VAT included

Necklace Lyra 7 mm

A sophisticated pearl necklace, which definitely want to have every woman. Made of Majorica brand pearls with details of rodiada silver, this...

€165.00 VAT included

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