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Earrings Mood

Small silver earrings skewer type rodiada with 8mm pearl white and translucent zircons. With this Majorica pearl earrings you could carry only...

€80.00 VAT included

Earrings Chassé

Original zigzagging design earrings. These Majorica pearl earrings are manufactured in sterling silver. A perfect gem to wear both a formal event...

€89.00 VAT included

Choker Tilos

Modern and elegant black leather choker with Majorica white 14 mm in diameter pearl. The length of this choker with pearl is adjustable 42-47 cm....

€89.00 VAT included

Earrings Kuma

Small silver earrings treated with rhodium with white beads 6 mm and white zircons. Handcrafted design by Majorica brand. An ideal pearl jewel to...

€59.00 VAT included

Ring Córcega

Large rhodium silver ring, with white pearl 12 mm oval type bombada. Handcrafted finish. original design and very contemporary, inspired by the...

€119.00 VAT included

Earrings Selene

Mini white pearl earrings 10 mm and transparent zircons with details of rhodium silver. Handcrafted design by Majorica brand. Pearl earrings that...

€95.00 VAT included

Earrings Estrella

Silver earrings with white pearls of 11 mm in diameter and transparent zircons that create the shape of a star. Silver is treated with rhodium for...

€119.00 VAT included

Earrings Esat

Rhodium silver earrings round white pearls 8 mm in diameter. The closure is type skewer. Handcrafted design by Majorica brand. This Majorica pearl...

€59.00 VAT included

Earrings Lilit

One of the most feminine designs that can be found among the Majorica jewels. These pearl earrings made of silver and adorned with zircons are...

€119.00 VAT included

Earrings Romance

Earrings inspired by classical forms of jewelry, represent, as its name suggests, the romantic spirit who of us. The centerpiece of these Majorica...

€95.00 VAT included

Earrings Delta

Tender earrings gold-plated silver with a tie and white round pearls 8 mm. Handcrafted design by Majorica brand. Some juveniles Majorica pearl...

€65.00 VAT included

Ring Planet

Wide silver ring, adorned with pearl white 12 mm diameter and craftsmanship. A modern design and original style. You can wear this Majorica ring...

€119.00 VAT included

Earrings Nihal

Small and sophisticated earrings white pearl 8 mm and transparent zirconia with details of treated silver rhodium for durability. Handcrafted...

€69.00 VAT included

Earrings Merak

Treated silver earrings with pearls white gold with round 10 mm. His silver curious knot gives a very contemporary style. Handcrafted design and...

€109.00 VAT included

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