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In this category we offer you a wide and careful selection of pendants from the high jewelry brand Bohemme. Here you can find elegant and sophisticated silver pendants with semiprecious stones, which you can wear both in your day-to-day life and during a special event. A comfortable and practical jewel that every girl should own. Find yours now!

Bohemme silver pendants are ideal for those who like to show off a unique and original style. And it is that this brand stands out for its handmade design, since each piece is made by hand by expert craftsmen. In addition, the materials used are of the highest quality, which guarantees great durability.

The designs of the Bohemme pendants are very varied and original, so it is easy to find one that suits your personal style. There are some that are more elegant and sophisticated, while others are more casual and fun.

They can be a perfect gift for someone special. Without a doubt, it is a way to show that person how much you care.

Go ahead and wear one of the silver Bohemme pendants and you will see how you stand out from the crowd!

Silver Bohemme Pendants

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Colgente X plata

Colgante de plata con acabado oscuro, adornado con un diamante, es una joya perfecta para rematar tu look y hacerlo verdaderamente impresionante....

€106.00 VAT included

Colgente X oro 2

El diseño ligeramente místico de este colgante de plata nos recuerda a las conocidas y sabias meigas gallegas, que probablemente llevaban algún...

€115.00 VAT included

Pendant Tesoro Marino

Silver pendant by Bohemme with adjustable metal gray 38-42 cm chain, decorated with natural coral of 1.26 Cts. Made by high jewelry brand Bohemme....

€148.00 VAT included

Colgente X oro

Elegante y exquisito colgante de plata para las chicas con estilo. Si estás buscando una joya que sea una mezcla de estilo chic y casual para poder...

€120.00 VAT included

Pendant Princess Tale

Silver pendant adorned with blue and white zirconia. The pendant features adjustable chain. Made by Bohemme using traditional techniques. This...

€228.00 VAT included

Colgente X Grande

Un colgante de plata con un toque etnico en su diseño. Olvida esas joyas aburridas que estás harta de ver y fíjate en este colgante de Bohemme, con...

€404.00 VAT included

Pendant Choco Cool 1

Silver pendant with gold plated details decorated with zircons champagne and brown colour. This silver pendant by Bohemme includes an adjustable...

€117.00 VAT included

Pendant Choco Cool 2

Silver pendant by spanish jewelry brand Bohemme. Made of 925 sterling silver with 18K gold plated details and cubic zirconia rolled in champagne...

€186.00 VAT included

Pendant Big Dreams

Sterling silver pendant with gold yellow and rose details. Decorated with logo of spanish jewelry brand Bohemme as the centerpiece of the pendant...

€159.00 VAT included

Pendant Savage Essence

Sterling silver pendant 925 yellow gold detail 18K laminate, natural Citrine 1.90 cts. White Lab and sapphires approx. Design and dark rust finish...

€458.00 VAT included

Pendant Sahara Nights

Silver pendant with details in yellow gold and white sapphires (Lab.). Chain included. This fascinating silver pendant, that represents the starry...

€283.00 VAT included

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