Majorica Jewelry

In this category we offer you a wide and careful selection of Majorica jewelry, the prestigious Spanish brand. Rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and chokers, with the unmistakable Majorica pearls.

The Spanish brand Majorica is recognized throughout the world for the quality and beauty of its jewelry, especially its iconic pearls. At Arte Joya we offer you a wide variety of carefully selected Majorica jewels to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Each of the Majorica jewels are made with a type of pearl grown in a factory located on the island of Mallorca. These pearls are characterized by their beauty and quality, and are manufactured using innovative techniques that guarantee their durability.

In addition, all our Majorica jewels are made of high-quality silver with a rhodium plating, which gives them an exceptional shine and finish. Rhodium is a precious metal used to coat silver to prevent it from tarnishing or tarnishing over time. In this way, Majorica jewelery maintains its beauty and shine for a long time.

Majorica Jewelry

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Ring Sofia

Sophisticated silver ring decorated with translucent zirconia and a white pearl 12 mm diameter. Handcrafted finish. A ring that seems to have been...

€99.00 VAT included

Pendant Nuada

Sterling silver pendant with white10 mm pearl. The chain of this Majorica pedant has a 48 cm. Handcrafted design by Majorica brand.  Made in Spain...

€79.00 VAT included

Pendant Espiral

Silver pendant with oval type 18 mm pearl  Silver is treated with rhodium for durability. This pearl pendant has an adjustable chain 42-47 cm....

€139.00 VAT included

Pendant Ceres

Silver pendant "Ceres" with white majorica 12mm diameter pearl. Silver is treated with rhodium for durability. The chain of thhis pearl pendant has...

€100.00 VAT included

Ring Lilit

Rhodium silver ring with pearl white 10 mm and translucent zirconia by brand Majorica. A ring that impress you with its tenderness and purity while...

€105.00 VAT included

Pendant Ceres. Gray

Silver pendant "Ceres" with gray 12 mm in diameter majorica pearl and white zircons. Silver is treated with rhodium for durability. The chain of...

€100.00 VAT included

Ring Margot

Rhodium silver ring decorated with a white pearl flattened diameter of 10 mm. Handcrafted finish. Design that radiates tenderness and femininity....

€95.00 VAT included

Pendant Kuma

Rhodium plated silver pendant with white 8 mm round pearl Majorica. It includes an adjustable chain of 37-42 cm. Majorica craft design brand. The...

€89.00 VAT included

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