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In this category we offer you a wide and careful selection of pendants with the unmistakable pearls of the Majorica brand. Here you can find Majorica pendants with pearls for any occasion. Whether on a daily walk or at a special event, with one of these pendants you will leave everyone speechless.

Majorica pendants are a perfect option to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

The technique used by the Majorica company to produce its cultured pearls has been perfected for more than a century, and its quality is recognized worldwide. Additionally, Majorica pendants come in a variety of designs and styles, there is a wide range of options to choose from.

Another benefit of Majorica pendants is their versatility. They can be worn on their own or combined with other accessories to create a more elaborate outfit.

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Majorica Pendants with Pearls

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Pendant Nuada

Sterling silver pendant with white10 mm pearl. The chain of this Majorica pedant has a 48 cm. Handcrafted design by Majorica brand.  Made in Spain...

€79.00 VAT included

Pendant Espiral

Silver pendant with oval type 18 mm pearl  Silver is treated with rhodium for durability. This pearl pendant has an adjustable chain 42-47 cm....

€139.00 VAT included

Pendant Ceres

Silver pendant "Ceres" with white majorica 12mm diameter pearl. Silver is treated with rhodium for durability. The chain of thhis pearl pendant has...

€100.00 VAT included

Pendant Ceres. Gray

Silver pendant "Ceres" with gray 12 mm in diameter majorica pearl and white zircons. Silver is treated with rhodium for durability. The chain of...

€100.00 VAT included

Pendant Kuma

Rhodium plated silver pendant with white 8 mm round pearl Majorica. It includes an adjustable chain of 37-42 cm. Majorica craft design brand. The...

€89.00 VAT included

Pendant Exquisite 1

Rhodium silver pendant "Exquisite" majorica pearl white and transparent zircons. The suspension has an adjustable chain 42-47 cm. Majorica craft...

€119.00 VAT included

Colgante Estrella

" Único al igual que tú, estecolgante de perla y circonitasconformando una estrella, es perfecto para los días en los que te apetece sentirte...

€119.00 VAT included

Pendant Béjart

White 3mm pearl pendant made by Majorica brand. Made of steel plated rhodium. The pearl pendant Béjart includes adjustable chain 37-42 cm....

€75.00 VAT included

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