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Ring Big Dreams

Long sterling silver ring (43 mm) with pink and yellow gold details. The dark surface finish creates a magnificent contrast with the details of the...

€212.00 VAT included

Ring Big Dreams 2

Long sterling silver ring complete with pink and yellow gold 18K laminate details. This silver ring by Bohemme, spanish fine jewelry brand, has a...

€205.00 VAT included

Ring Big Dreams 3

Original design long silver ring (45 mm) with yellow gold plated details . The zircons brown and champagne along with Bohemme spanish fine jewelry...

€260.00 VAT included

Bracelet Big Dreams

Sterling silver bracelet with rose and yellow 18K gold plated details. Surface dark finish, with details of the Bohemme logo in gold and studded...

€702.00 VAT included

Pendant Big Dreams

Sterling silver pendant with gold yellow and rose details. Decorated with logo of spanish jewelry brand Bohemme as the centerpiece of the pendant...

€159.00 VAT included

Earrings Big Dreams

Silver earrings with yellow gold details and zirconia. For all creative lovers, we offer these silver earrings created entirely by hand by the...

€311.00 VAT included

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