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In this category we offer you a wide and careful selection of bracelets and bangles from the well-known Spanish high jewelry brand Bohemme. Here you can find the most modern bracelets and bracelets so that you are always at the forefront of fashion.

Bohemme bracelets and bangles are a line of high-quality jewelery with an exclusive design, characterized by its bohemian and elegant style. Each piece is unique and made by expert artisans in Spain, using top quality materials such as sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones, and leather.

What distinguishes the Bohemme silver bracelets, as well as the bracelets of this firm, is their design inspired by nature and bohemian culture, their style exudes originality and sophistication. The pieces usually have organic shapes and ornamental details that evoke natural elements such as leaves, branches, flowers and animals.

In addition, the variety of available styles of silver Bohemme bangles and bracelets makes it easy to find a piece that suits your taste and personality. From simple and minimalist bracelets to more elaborate designs with precious stones and raised details.

Find yours and look like never before!

Bohemme Silver Bracelets and Bangles

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Pulsera X

Elegante pulsera de Bohemme, creada en plata de alta calidad y adornada con detalles en oro y diamantes. Gracias al uso de colores básicos en esta...

€560.00 VAT included

Bracelet Big Dreams

Sterling silver bracelet with rose and yellow 18K gold plated details. Surface dark finish, with details of the Bohemme logo in gold and studded...

€702.00 VAT included

Pulsera X 2

Preciosa pulsera de Bohemme creada en plata con un original acabado texturizado de color oscuro. Sabemos que tú eres única, una mujer con estilo,...

€522.00 VAT included

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