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Ring Lilit

Rhodium silver ring with pearl white 10 mm and translucent zirconia by brand Majorica. A ring that impress you with its tenderness and purity while...

€119.00 VAT included

Ring Tesoro Marino

Sterling silver ring by spanish jewelry band Bohemme with yellow gold details and freshwater white 1.26 Cts pearl. Its dark finish brings out the...

€284.00 VAT included

Ring Tesoro Marino

Sterling silver ring by Bohemme with yellow 18K gold details and chaton freshwater 1.26 Cts natural pearl. An original and unique design that will...

€313.00 VAT included

Ring Margot

Rhodium silver ring decorated with a white pearl flattened diameter of 10 mm. Handcrafted finish. Design that radiates tenderness and femininity....

€95.00 VAT included

Ring Exquisite 3

A different version of the Majorica ring Exquisite. This ring made of silver and decorated with a 8 mm pealr and a translucent zirconia fascinated...

€129.00 VAT included

Ring Clave al Sol

Opened type Majorica ring decorated with a pearl elegant 10 mm diameter. Finish made by traditional techniques. Sophisticated and timeless design,...

€79.00 VAT included

Ring Exquisite 5

Another version of the "Exquisite" Majorica silver ring, is time still thinner. The ring is made of silver and rhodium decorated with translucent...

€129.00 VAT included

Ring Exquisite 4

The fourth, but no less glamorous version of the "Exquisite" Majorica silver ring. This time the designers have decided to cross two silver strips,...

€129.00 VAT included

Ring Planet

Wide silver ring, adorned with pearl white 12 mm diameter and craftsmanship. A modern design and original style. You can wear this Majorica ring...

€129.00 VAT included

Ring Cercle

Wide spiral silver ring, adorned with white pearls and translucent zirconia. The pearls are of different diameters, of 4 to 6 mm. This Majorica...

€149.00 VAT included

Ring Córcega

Large rhodium silver ring, with white pearl 12 mm oval type bombada. Handcrafted finish. original design and very contemporary, inspired by the...

€129.00 VAT included

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