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Ring Lilit

Rhodium silver ring with pearl white 10 mm and translucent zirconia by brand Majorica. A ring that impress you with its tenderness and purity while...

€119.00 VAT included

Ring Choco Cool

Elegant design silver ring with gold details and cubic zirconia champagne and brown colour. Combines perfectly with any colour thanks to its...

€340.00 VAT included
Girl with Silver ring by spanish jewellry brand Bohemme Choco Cool 2 Silver ring by spanish jewellry brand Bohemme Choco Cool 2
  • On sale!

Ring Choco Cool 2

Sterling silver ring with yellow 18K gold plated details, decorated with colored zircons champagne and brown. Design and craftsmanship by fine...

€276.00 VAT included

Ring Choco Cool 3

Sterling silver ring with yellow 18K gold plated details, adorned with precious colored cubic zirconia champagne and brown ccolour. Design and...

€269.00 VAT included

Ring Exquisite 5

Another version of the "Exquisite" Majorica silver ring, is time still thinner. The ring is made of silver and rhodium decorated with translucent...

€129.00 VAT included

Ring Sahara Nights

Silver ring with details in 18K yellow gold, adorned with white sapphires (Lab.). The winding forms of this silver ring have been inspired by the...

€251.00 VAT included

Ring Sahara Nights 2

Silver ring created by hand by the artisans of the Bohemme firm and adorned with details in yellow gold and white sapphires (Lab.). Immerse...

€232.00 VAT included

Ring Exquisite 4

The fourth, but no less glamorous version of the "Exquisite" Majorica silver ring. This time the designers have decided to cross two silver strips,...

€129.00 VAT included

Ring Cercle

Wide spiral silver ring, adorned with white pearls and translucent zirconia. The pearls are of different diameters, of 4 to 6 mm. This Majorica...

€149.00 VAT included

Ring X 2

Thanks to the skill of the artisan jewelers who have created this silver ring, it combines the originality of its shapes with its incredible...

€247.00 VAT included

Ring Planet

Wide silver ring, adorned with pearl white 12 mm diameter and craftsmanship. A modern design and original style. You can wear this Majorica ring...

€129.00 VAT included

Ring X

Classic-shaped silver ring, reminiscent of the jewels worn by nobles in medieval times. The aristocratic design of this Bohemme silver ring says a...

€230.00 VAT included

Ring X 3

An original silver ring with a gold details that generates an irregular shapes, reminiscent of the waves of the sea. A contemporary jewel that is...

€284.00 VAT included

Ring X 4

A Bohemme brand silver ring with diamnts and gold details. A silver jewel that is a pure elegance. Due to its classic shapes and colors you can...

€407.00 VAT included

Ring X 11

Elegant and sophisticated Bohemme handcrafted silver ring adorned with diamonds and gold details. If you are looking for a jewel to wear both to...

€427.00 VAT included
Handmade silver ring with diamonts Bohemme X_profile Handmade silver ring with diamonts Bohemme X
  • On sale!

Ring X 5

A Bohemme brand silver ring handcrafted by Cordoba jewelers with all care and affection that only they are able to invest. The design of this...

€247.00 VAT included

Ring X 6

Another version of the magnificent Bohemme brand's ring from the X collection. In this silver ring we can observe all the skill of the renowned...

€216.00 VAT included

Ring X 7

Beautiful silver ring from the Bohemme brand, which will give a mysterious touch to your everyday look. Majestically created by hand by Cordoba's...

€167.00 VAT included

Ring X 8

A Bohemme's brand ring inspired by the magical world of fairies, based on the curved shapes of nature and the sophisticated logo of the brand. The...

€243.00 VAT included

Ring X 9

A Bohemme's ring with an original design, which combines two types of rings, wide and thin. The mystery of nature has served as a source of...

€305.00 VAT included

Ring X 10

A long Bohemme ring, created in silver with gold details and diamonds, with a dark finish that further enhances the enchanting natural brilliance...

€312.00 VAT included

Ring Clave al Sol

Opened type Majorica ring decorated with a pearl elegant 10 mm diameter. Finish made by traditional techniques. Sophisticated and timeless design,...

€79.00 VAT included

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